Walking Into October

My father walks every morning around the property. He generally walks in the early morning, shortly after sunup. He says he wants to walk Beau, the new puppy, around the field. I figure that he shouldn’t. The puppy is very strong and he still pulls a lot. He says he wants to leave right them. So, I bargain for 10 more minutes to quickly down my tea and toast. We make our way out the door into the crisp October air.


My son wants to go but changes his mind when he realizes that his ‘Paw Patrol’ sneakers would get wet. The sun breaks out over the wooded horizon. It fills the fields with golden light, sending each dewdrop into a dazzling display. On morning walks in October you can see the world awaken before your eyes.

Sun is creeping up…

As we walk, we talk about the old dog. The one we miss so much. The predictable one. We try to remind ourselves that he too was once a puppy. That he too used to be trouble. That he used to scratch at the door and get us up at night. We say what a good dog he was. We wish he was still walking here with us on this October morning.


We mention the good qualities of this dog. He pulls on his leash. He stops in the middle of the path to sniff were the resident skunk dug holes the night before. My father again wants to walk the dog. I say ‘not yet’. There is much more training to be done.

Stunning leaves!

We are quiet for a while. As we walk under an old rogue apple tree, my father inspects to see how many the deer have taken. Not many of them are missing. The apples are small and yellow. Their scent is sweet under our feet. The pup nibbles on one.

Apples everywhere.

We walk to the old well to see how much water we have. The water table is so low. Not like when we were inspecting it last spring. Then the water poured out even through the ice. We chat about the drilled well. Thankful that it’s there. Maybe next year the garden will do better. Maybe next year the beans will climb higher. There’s only so much you can really do for a garden. We will keep trying. The puppy urges us onward.

Asparagus berries.

The brown Queen Anne’s Lace blossoms stand at attention waiting for the next frost. The asparagus berries shimmer in the sunlight. The fallen crimson leaves are bright against the evergreen boughs. The red dogwood branches reach out, they would take over the whole field if allowed. The lilacs are heavy with seeds. As we pass through the orchard the smell of apples is strong. Many of them have scabs, not much for eating. The deer have been at these ones. I check each tree to see how they are doing.

October sun!

I secretly think about when I was a kid, rambling these side roads on bikes with my friends. Off in the woods playing ‘Robin Hood’ or something. Swinging in my aunt and uncles big barn. Running in the cool afternoon air. Not a care in the world. How I used to think those days would go on forever.

Here it comes…

I pass the leash to my father. Someday, when Beau has better manners, he can take him out alone. Right now the fall air and the scents of critters are keeping his nose busy. Autumn seems to me such a reflective time of year. A time to close the door on so many warm weather activities and ponder the months ahead. A time to make plans for the things to come.

Spectacular morning light!

With the warm weather we’ve been having, it’s been an excellent time to get outside. The seasons come and go so fast. I tend to wish October and November would just keep going. I love this time of year! There’s almost too much to do. In the garden, the greens are steadily growing and the larger greens are having a second wind due to cooler weather. Some of the veggies have been pulled out and added to the compost pile. We will gradually be putting the gardens to bed. Just a few Fall ramblings and reflections this week. I hope that all of you will be able to get out to see some of the turning leaves!



7 thoughts on “Walking Into October”

  1. I could almost smell the early morning air. This was as good as walking alongside you, your father and Beau! This was such a joy to read, and I share so many of your feelings about this time of year. Beautifully shared Hilary – thank you ??

  2. Your writings are just absolutely beautiful and so nostalgic. To have have experienced childhood with you is so precious-
    Love October in Maine!

  3. Sorry I didn’t comment sooner. This post was wonderful…almost too personal. I could feel the chill and smell the dropped apples. Walking with Daddy is a privilege, and so is walking with you. Holly

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