Draw Up Your Garden Plans!

One of the very best ways to plan a successful garden is to draw up a garden plan. Drawing up your garden plans allows you to maximize garden space and stay totally organized. Why not beat the spring garden rush by mapping out your gardens now? Here are 3 great ways to do it!


Get It On Paper

First, it’s helpful to get the measurements of your existing gardens. Choose graph paper or a notebook. A plan can be a simple sketch (on a napkin!) or a more detailed drawing. Make a list of flowers and vegetables that you want to grow. Start by figuring out how much space you will need for each group. Take into consideration spacing requirements for each plant and make sure you provide enough room for each. Arrange the garden by planning for taller things in the back. Notice how sunny or shady your garden space will be. Give specific attention to which direction the garden is facing.

Simply use graph paper!

By saving these garden drawings year after year, you can look back and see how things have changed. Keeping them in a binder or garden journal would keep things organized. Drawing these plans will also help with keeping track of crop rotation in your gardens. For many years I used a lined notebook. Simple but effective.

Paint It Out

Have you ever opened up a gardening book and drooled over those lovely painted garden plans on every other page? If you have any talent in the painting department, drawing out your gardens is a fun winter garden planning activity. This method can really make your plans come to life. Get your dimensions on the paper and start adding the plants. I start with pencil and then add watercolor paints. Then, I write in plant names with a thin black marker. A larger garden plan could include your whole yard.

Get out your paints!

I started doing some smaller sample plans last year to give examples of a small garden or herb garden, for instance. I’ve even done a few for some garden clients over the years so they can then reference the map to identify plants.

Painting an herb garden.

Go Digital 

Computer drawing is really not my thing but I do feel that it has it’s place. Imagine sketching out your garden plan on your phone or device and then bringing it straight to the garden center to pick out your plants and seeds! You wouldn’t forget a thing.

Digital garden planning.

This could be accomplished by using a drawing program or a garden design app. There are plenty of them out there, even some for free. Whether you favor flower, vegetable or both, look into this convenient way of designing your gardens.

Garden design on a whole new level.

Drawing up a garden plans is the perfect way for getting exactly what you need and making sure you have room for everything you intend to plant. Get it out of your cluttered gardening mind and get it on paper (or the screen)! For more ideas for garden planning, check out these posts: Planning Your 2018 Garden, How to Create the Perfect Salad Garden and 5 Easy Vegetables For The Beginner Gardener! I’m leaving you with a few garden pictures from the past and present. Have a great week and happy planning!