How To Plant A Bulb Container Garden

Did you happen to pick up some bulbs in the clearance bin? Did you miss out on getting your spring bulbs planted this fall? Spring bulb container garden to the rescue! Perfect for dressing up your porch or doorstep next spring! All you need is an adequate container, spring bulbs and soil. Let’s go through the steps.

First, pick a container for your bulb container garden. In this instance I will be using an apple basket. A plastic plant pot would also work. Make sure the receptacle is large enough to accommodate at least 12”of soil. Since this will be frozen outside, I would not recommend using clay or ceramic. You will likely end up with a broken pot come spring! Smaller pots will not have enough soil to insulate these bulbs.
An ordinary apple basket.

Check over the bulbs that you have. Read the packaging to see how deep the bulbs need to be planted. In my case, I had tulips, daffodils and scilla. Therefore, the tulips needed a depth of 6-8”. Think about the layers under the ground in a real garden.
Placing the tulip bulbs.

Put a layer of regular potting soil in the bottom of the basket. Nestle the bulbs into the soil evenly, at least 2” apart. Cover the bulbs with a few inches of dirt.
More bulbs…

Now add the bulbs such as daffodils that call for 6”. Try to place them randomly and not directly over the tulips.
Pressing the soil down.

Now, add more soil but leave about 4” from the top.
Pay attention to planting depth!

Next, place any smaller bulbs like scilla or snowdrops. Sprinkle with a light layer of bulb food. Cover with additional soil. Leave about an inch at the top. Give the planter a gentle watering. That’s it. You’ve just made a spring bulb container garden!
Covering the soil with leaves.

Since this whole project mimics a normal garden, cover the soil with a blanket of leaves, pine needles or evergreens. Place in a protected spot. In spring remove the bedding to allow the bulbs to come up. Plant pansies or Johnny-Jump-Ups in the planter as the bulbs emerge for a great doorstep look. A miniature bulb garden!
Daffodils In a spring garden!

There’s nothing like planting some bulbs to get you dreaming of spring. A bulb planted is a promise of a new gardening season! If you have some bulbs kicking around, don’t let them go to waste. Find a container, get some soil and start planting! I’ll share pictures in the spring of how it comes out. I’ve got some garden fresh recipes coming to the blog soon, perfect for winter! Maybe even a kitchen herb garden DIY. Make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. Thanks for tagging along this week!