Good Intentions: Looking Ahead to the 2017 Garden

We often take on too much in life.  Sometimes this means we take on too much in the garden.  Many of our good intentions are never seen through to the end.  Although I have a fair amount of success with my garden, I actually have my share of fails each year.  Do you start out with good intentions?

Many of my readers probably assume that I’m in my garden 24/7. Although that may appear to be the case, I rarely spend more than an hour at a time in the vegetable gardens.  Spring and fall bring times for cleanup.  Flower and vegetable beds need some attention and edging. Dead heading and weeding are done here and there.  I have quite a few gardens now but I try to keep things manageable, keeping work to a minimum.

Frozen geraniums!

We all have some major fails when it comes to gardening.  It’s really part of the learning experience.  Most of the time for me, procrastination is to blame.  Every year, I say that I’m going to bring my geraniums in and I’m going to do just the right thing to keep them for next year.  Then, I put it off, only to realize that they are frozen!

Frozen pumpkin.

Look at all that pumpkin I could have put up for winter.  I kept on thinking that I would do it tomorrow!  Didn’t happen!

Another pumpkin that froze!

I also intended to turn my compost pile and start a new one.  But, there it sits.  No air circulation, compact and cold.

The compost pile…

In Maine, we suffered from very low rainfall this past year.  I never got around to hooking up the soaker hose to the upper garden.  The bed happened to be where all of our beans were planted.  I had a modest bean harvest but it definitely wasn’t as good as years past.  This year, my husband is talking about running a line up to the greenhouse and to the bed in front of it.  This will certainly help my watering efforts and maybe he won’t run over the hose so often with the lawn mower!

Then there were the window boxes on my garden shed.  They did pretty well but by August, if I wasn’t watering every day, they were toast! Maybe it’s time for some self-watering boxes from Gardeners Supply?

Digging up the irises.

Oh yes, then there was that time that I did the article on dividing irises. Well, just the other day I realized that I forgot to replant them after I divided them!  Is it okay to plant the rhizomes with snow on the ground? We will see!

Baby green bean!

Some of the top articles of this year were Growing Great Garlic In 4 Easy Steps, A Friends Garden and Growing Great Swiss Chard.  A few of you seem to identify with my ‘Reflections and Ramblings’ series including A Throwback To Times Gone By and Apple Trees in Bloom: A Window To The Past.  I know that I tend to present a variety of topics but gardening and nature appreciation involves so much of what’s around us.    Gardening involves so much more than the piece of land that we own.  I encompasses the whole area around us and beyond.

Here is a look back at some of my gardening photos for this past year.  Looks like we had a colorful year!  I have many good intentions.  My garden plan is taking shape, seeds are ordered and somehow I’m itching to begin all over again!  I look forward to more vertical growing, getting my Master Gardener status back and implementing more no-dig gardening techniques.  If you also are feeling ambitious, take it slow, put things on paper and be reasonable about the time that you have.

Some of my favorite garden and landscape pictures from 2016.

I feel that this post could have easily been called ‘Confessions of An Overwhelmed Gardener’!  A friend told me the other day that I make it look so easy.  I try to make it easy.  Otherwise I may not do it.  So, after this year of blogging, I sincerely hope that I’ve given inspiration and maybe even pushed you to keep going.  It has been a joy to present all of these gardening topics and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading along.  If anything, I’ve loved sharing my garden with all of you!  Thanks again!  I have a lot in store this coming year!  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, all under Everlongardener!  And subscribe for weekly gardening emails!



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  1. This was so good Hilary! I’m thinking about my garden already, and going to make a plan, and write it down. Maybe even make a picture layout of my gardens… we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for all your inspiration!

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