Frequently Asked Questions

Because I’m a 4-season salad grower, many people have questions about how it all works. Here are a few of the most asked questions below.

What zone are you gardening in?

In US planting zone 5b, we enjoy gardening from April through October. We have mild to hot summers with unpredictable rainfall. Coastal weather can cause damp growing conditions but in general we have successful gardens.

How do you heat your greenhouse?

We have an unheated 12×20 gambrel greenhouse. We only use the sun for heat. During the day, temperatures can be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, temps go down as low as it gets outside. You can read all about it in the post Project Greenhouse.

Row covers over greens in the greenhouse.

Doesn’t your lettuce freeze with no heat?

That’s the thing. The varieties of salad greens that we grow don’t mind freezing and thawing. We use floating row covers to give our greens an extra layer of protection. Check out How To Harvest Salad All Winter for more information.

Summer in the greenhouse!

You must have such a big garden?

Not really. I have 9 raise beds scattered throughout my property. It’s amazing how much you can grow if you plan it right.

We love our raised bed gardens!

Do you garden all day, every day?

Absolutely not! I may actually garden at home for only a few hours a week. Most of that time is spent harvesting salad greens.

Green beans!

Do you grow all of your own vegetables?

We grow a ton of veggies in our small space. In summer, I provide a bulk of the vegetables for our table.

Rare selfie with glasses!

Where did you come up with the name Everlongardener?

Picking a blog name is hard! Just when you think you have picked the ultimate name, you Google it to only find that it’s taken. I was trying to find something about longevity, season extension and growing salad greens all winter. Finally, one day I was listening to the Foo Fighters song, ‘Everlong’ and it came to me. Everlongardener!┬áThe Salad Green Queen, that’s me!