Planning Your 2018 Garden

It’s that time of year again, when garden planning goes full steam ahead! We’ve been stuck in an arctic blast for the last few weeks. Brrrr… This has made it kind of hard to be outside, let alone harvest any greens. No better time for planning and scheming! Do you need ideas for planning your 2018 garden? Do you need help getting a plan going? Let’s go through some suggestions to get started!

Looking Back to 2017

I was looking back at my post from last year on garden planning. It has oodles of gardening tips. If I could have, I would have simply published this one again but it’s a new year and it’s time for a fresh start!
Highlights from the last year!

Just scrolling through my photos from the last year is enough to make me forget all about the drought. One after another, pictures of grand, showy flowers and ripe vegetables. There were failures and successes just like every other year. I find myself always thinking of another spring. A gardener’s mind is always hopeful for the next chapter.

Gardening Goals

A fantastic way of setting your gardening goals in motion is to put things on paper. A garden journal can be the key to gardening success. Sketch your gardens out, compare them with last year, rotate your crops. Start with a list and go from there.
Get organized!

Do you want to start a new garden this season? Have you decided upon a traditional tilled garden or raised beds? Are container gardens the way to go? Have you looked into no-dig gardening for less work?
We love our raised bed gardens!

Maybe you just want to revamp existing beds. Plan on removing any surface weeds. Start with a top dressing of good compost or aged manure. That’s all it takes to freshen up an established garden bed!

Do you lack space on your property? Try adding edible plants in an existing landscape or construct a container garden on your deck.
Nasturtiums from the vegetable garden.

Have you always wanted to grow a particular flower or vegetable that you’ve never tried? Give it a go! Start with one or two new species that spark your interest. This way you won’t take on too much. Whatever your plans, do what you can and don’t get overwhelmed!

Get Organized 

Once you have decided on a plan, make sure you order any garden seeds that you need. Go through any leftover seeds to see what you can still use. Many local garden centers have a wide selection of garden seeds also. If you are starting your own seeds, make sure you have a good setup. Otherwise, you may not be super successful in growing your own seedlings. Many crops can be grown from direct seeding straight into the garden. For more information on any of these topics, click on the blue links throughout the post.
A flurry of seed catalogs.

Don’t panic! Winter is here for a while so you have plenty of time for planning your 2018 garden. Make some hot cocoa and curl up with a cozy blanket for some warm garden planning fun. I’ve been slow on ordering my seeds this year. I may just use this blizzard to finalize my list. The frosty temps here in Maine have been making us all a bit stir crazy around here. Simply walking to the mailbox requires a full snowsuit. Beau has been finding all kinds of trouble to get into lately. We are all looking forward to getting outside when the temperature rise a bit! Here are a few pictures of what’s going on here. The greenhouse and some poor little arugula struggling through the cold.

Scenes from the greenhouse.
Sad looking arugula in the cold greenhouse.

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  1. Dreaming of growing green things is a lovely thought on this blustery day. I hope my efforts are better this spring. You’re blog is full of exciting possibilities!

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